Best TV Show That I Just Watched

Best TV Show That I Just Watched
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscars 2010- live blogging

We are watching the 2 hours of red carpet previously and we are starting in just a few minutes. Feel free to keep watching my blog for our feelings on tonight's festivities.

really like Anna Kendrick- both in Up in the Air and as she is interviewing. Very vivacious and her dress was very nice.
Zoe Saldana looked nice until the froo froo at the bottom and the train
Sarah Jessica Parker- ew!
Elizabeth Banks and Amanda Seyfried- both attractive, but the dresses didn't work for them.

Keanu- what's up with the beard?
Rachel McAdams looks very nice

NPH- very awesome and impressive!

Great batch of Streep jokes!

Supporting Actor goes to- Chritophe Waltz! No problems here- he was so amazing and added menace to every scene he was in! Amazing!

Best Animated- Up. I loved Up, don't get me wrong, but I LOVE stop motion and was rooting for Coraline, but have no gripes.

Best Original Song- Weary Kind!- a song that is actually important in the film! Very good show!

Screenplay-Original- Mark Boal- Hurt Locker. It was a good script, but I was hoping for Messenger. I thought Messenger was a better script for a war inspired film.

great tribute with all the members from John Huges films

Adapted Screenplay- Precious. Precious was the one major film we did not see, but, based on the scene showed (the girl stealing the bucket of chicken) it just didnt help me want to see it. I was really rooting for Up in the Air, as I thought it was the only award Up i the Air would win. Now, my favorite film of the year will probably not win anything.

Art Direction- Avatar- not impressed by Avatar in general, and definitely not for art direction. The sets did not impress me especially.

Costume Design- Young Victoria- I saw this last night and was impressed with the costuming, I thought that Nine would win.

Sound mixing and Design- Hurt Locker- I was going for Star Trek, but Hurt Locker's use of sound was amazing as well- no complaints here!

Cinematography- Avatar- amazing job on filming green rooms! Harry Potters cinema was better

Dances with the nominated score- really? Other than showing Sarah Jessica Parker's outfit a billion times, this was the worst idea imaginable. Nothing says blue aliens to me like break dancing

Score- Up- My favorite score of the year!

Visual effects- Avatar- well, duh, but the CGI still looked like CGI. A quote from the winner- "Avatar is about seeing the world in a new way." Well, except that it all takes place on a different world.

Editing- Hurt Locker- with over 200 hours of footage filmed- this is an Oscar well deserved.

Foreign Film- did not get to see any of these, so cool with anything winning- El Secreto

Best Actor- Jeff Bridges- Crazy Heart- well deserved. Not his best performance ever, but an amazingly solid one! Officially wanted Clooney, but I am very happy with this one.

Best Actress- Sandra Bullock. I really enjoyed her performance, but I was pulling for Carey Mulligan. Since Bullock is supposed to be one of the nicest women in Hollywood- they wanted to give it to her and I am cool for that.

Director- Kathryn Bigelow- Again, I wanted Jason Reitman for Up in the Air, but the Direction of Hurt Locker was very well done. She is a visionary director.\ and deserves this.

Picture- Hurt Locker- again, not my favorite, but very pleased.